Parent Feedback


"We look forward to music every week. It provides such a wonderful vehicle for just letting go and playing for 30 minutes. Very much appreciated"

- Stephanie


"We thought the screen was going to be a problem and not be very engaging. Boy, were we wrong. I am so glad we decided to sing up during these crazy times of COVID-19! My daughter loves the class. She does like to see her friends and wave hello but most of the time she is not even looking at the screen! She is constantly singing and dancing at home and we love that grandma can join us virtually every week. Yes, there are some serious silver linings here...and we love that we can be in our pajamas every class! Thank you Songbirds Music for offering this awesome program and continuing to offer high quality, high engagement, and true family fun and learning. Your classes are the highlight of our week!"



" I have taken both programs, Music Together® and Canta y Baila and you cannot go wrong. The classes are fun for the grown ups too. You get a songbook, CD, and you will make friends. My children and I look forward to class every week. It is our favorite thing to do! "

- Paola


"Songbirds Music has been a very important part of Vida's development. The instructors are all amazing. Scheduling and the flexibility with rescheduling  or doing make--up classes also makes things so easy. Songbirds Music understands parents schedules. Great organization overall. We look forward to the next sessions and many more!"

- Solange


"Your program remains a very special oasis in the hustle and bustle of thr city. Thank you for the joyful and encouraging music your share with out children today!"



"Music Together has been such a gift to us and the girls. J. listens to her CDs everyday, knows all the words, even what song is coming next before it plays..she always wants me to sit at the piano and sing along with her."

- Connie (grandmother)


"We love music class so much. As a dad, I wasn't sure how I would feel about coming to music but it is a highlight every week. The families and other kids are so nice, the music is great, and I appreciate that you don't make my kid sit down!"

- Adrian 


"It is so hard to find programs in Spanish for toddlers in San Diego. Thank you for offering Canta y Baila Conmigo®. My daughters LOVE the music and singing at home with the songbook and CD. I love that we can download the music now too. My husband, who does not speak Spanish, is amazed as to how much this has helped with my kids' language development. Even he has learned a few words! We love the music and we love this class so much. Gracias!"

- Michelle